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Endoscopy Procedure: A Guide

We take the job title “healthcare professional” very seriously. Not only are we committed to the highest standards of diagnosing and treating an array of digestive health issues, we proactively recognize the full scope of our patients’ needs leading up to and beyond their procedure. Our brochure highlights important points of interest, outlines basic requirements, and details expectations all patients should have of The Northern New Jersey Center for Advanced Endoscopy.

What to Expect

Assuming you come fully prepared, expect to be at the Center for approximately 2 hours on the day of your endoscopy procedure. First, we will have you check in at the reception desk and fill out our patient forms (if you have not already done so). We will ask you to pay your copay. Next, a staff member will walk you to the Procedure Room where you will be prepped and given anesthesia, if necessary. Most GI Procedures take between 15 and 40 minutes. Last, you will spend approximately 30-45 minutes in the Recovery Room. Your escort will be there to listen attentively to post-visit instructions, as you will likely be somewhat fatigued and woozy. After discharge instructions commence, you will be allowed to leave the Center.

How to Prepare

  • Make arrangements for a responsible adult to set aside at least 3 hours the day of your procedure. He or she will need to drive you to and from the Center and listen in the Recovery Room for post-procedure directives.
  • Pack your insurance card and a picture ID. We will need to verify your identity and coverage prior to your procedure.
  • Make a list of all your medications and bring it with you. The nurse and/or doctor need to review this information prior to your procedure.
  • Leave all valuables at home. We cannot take responsibility for safeguarding your personal belongings.
  • Inform us of any and all allergies. This is especially vital if you have an allergy to rubber (latex).
  • If you use a pacemaker, bring your manufacturer’s ID card.
  • Verify with a staff member (ahead of time) if you can eat or drink before your procedure. Most procedures require you to avoid all food and liquid for at least 4-8 hours before the schedule time of your procedure.
  • Prepare to be without capacity to drive for at least 24 hours post-procedure.

Day of Procedure

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